Laminate Kitchen Worktops from the Best Makers

Choose from the finest collection of laminate worktops in the land.

We are proud to present vast range of only the best work surfaces, here you will find nearly 200 different styles of worktop. We have a product that will work for you, from the purist contemporary tastes of the modernist to the retro more traditional styles of days gone bye. Laminate worktops are the number 1 choice of surface for the kitchen, over the years many high tech developments have been implemented to help make this type this type of top what it is today. Our manufactures have stripped back each product and actively embark on a program of revitalisation to improve the perception of this being a cheap alternative to solid stone.

Texture integration has played a massive part in helping shape the future of our laminate kitchen worktops range, each of the various colours can be brought to be made life like in many ways these include using a variety of textures that help to refract light and offer something different than just a plain uninspiring finish. Nature has been the biggest inspiration in selecting a range textures to develop, take for example our range of Omega Laminate kitchen worktops, in this range it’s not uncommon to come across textures such as slate which mimics the natural erosion found in a well weather piece of slate located in a stream, or take another example; our Duropal laminate Kitchen worktops, here you will find textures such as Crystal Stone developed from the ambiguity of a delicate crystalline structure found in caves all over the UK.

Another progression has been the evolution of the square edged tops, older high pressure laminate worktops we made from technologies that only allowed a 10mm radius edge to be formed, but with the newly developed machines that operate at high pressures and temperatures has allowed for this edge to be made as small as 3mm in radius making it appear almost square in its appearance. As well as the aesthetics of such a small edge radius an active seal has implemented across all laminate worktops that prevent the ingress of moisture into the chipboard substrate keeping it newer for longer.

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