Cheap Worktops

Cheap Worktops

If your looking for cheap worktops then you have come to the right place but here is the difference, we do not sell cheap kitchen worktops but high quality top branded work tops all at fantastic prices. When it comes to variety of surfaces, we only stock an collection of countertops that we would be content to install in our own homes. Our whole business is built around the philosophy of selling the highest quality products at the best possible prices. It is one that has served our business well, this is because it keeps our customers happy which in turn generates leads and creates more sales thus allowing us to keep advocating our business notion, enabling our company to bring more great innovative products into the market place.

Why is it important to choose a high quality worktop?
Laminate countertops are basically a sheet of printed polycarbonate bonded to a chipboard substrate using a mechanical forming process. As the surface is located in the most demanding environment in the house, the worktop has to be able to with stand the ingress of chemicals and water and also be resilient to heat as a result a cheap kitchen worktop would soon start to degrade. What is often the case is the manufacturer of a lesser quality counter top does not understand the interaction between the important elements of the construction process and therefore creates a surface that may look acceptable on the out side, but would soon start to fall short of expectation when used under the many demanding conditions of the kitchen environment.

Generally if you move into a property with a cheap countertop installed there is no instant requirement for you to replace the work surface, though we do recommend taking extra care and pay special attention to maintaining the top. Never use a harsh chemical on the surface such as a bleach or harsh cleaner, this will quickly act to fade the print and you will be left with a worktop that looks dull and uninviting. It is also a good idea to mop up any unwanted spills straight away. Generally with a cheap kitchen worktop the bonding resin will allow the ingress of moisture to permeate through into the chip board, this will swell the base and the adjoining boards will soon start lift apart and become visible to the eye. Never place anything hot onto cheap worktops, even though this is not recommended on even the highest quality laminate tops, cheaper surfaces will be even more susceptible to damage caused by hot pans and plates.

When is it time to replace your cheap worktop?
We always recommend replacing a work top when there is an obvious gap between the butt and scribe joint. Often this is caused by the ingress of liquid that has permeated beneath the laminate surface and caused the chipboard to swell, which in turn lifts the joins apart. As well as looking unsightly there is the other issue of hygiene that will need to be addressed. Due to the fact bacteria could multiply in this area, this is not ideal on surface that is used to prepare food. It may be possible to repair the area with one of the many great repair agents which are widely available from most good DIY stores, but this will only prolong the life of the surface for a short time. If a repair is undertaken it is advisable to look at this as a temporary fix until you can organise a new worktop.

Cheap worktops need not be of substandard quality with our manufacturing base that is first class, combined with our team of dedicated specialist, you are guaranteed to find that perfect high quality work surface. Contact us today to discuss requirements and we will be happy to assist in any way we can.Cheapest kitchen worktops on the web